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Student’s Life in France

Study in France is one among the opportunities that can’t be compensated where you’ll get all the ingredients for creativity and you’ll undergo the various experiences accompanying the study programs and obtain to understand the culture and nature of the people there. it’s fun and a singular experience that increases your experience in life. Students studying in France have the chance to find out about French culture in their daily lives while studying, as they’re exposed to a high and fashionable environment of a gorgeous interactive environment that compile students from everywhere the planet .

This great diversity of scholars and their different cultures causes you to experience a singular experience with an excessive amount of fun and adventure, so there’s no daily opportunity to satisfy these different groups of scholars , so perhaps it’s time to review and learn something and grow intellectually and culturally as individuals while we enjoy the method . Universities organize variety of activities that are a part of the tutorial process. They hold conferences, seminars, parties and a few sports as a part of student life.

These activities differ consistent with the university you attend, but you’ll certainly get a schedule filled with various interactive and enjoyable activities no matter the university. Universities want to make sure the perfect education for his or her students, but by adding some fun and delightful times while studying, life can’t be very strict all the time. Students certainly enjoy their time while studying in France as there’s no boring day in the least , if you were at university for instance during a daily school day or reception preparing to travel bent explore a number of the wonders of the country you’ll definitely have a crowded list of things to try to to . There are an outsized number of museums that provide almost everything from history, modern art to science and every one this at very minimal costs and are some extent for college kids there.

There are quite 2000 cinemas spread across the country, there are theatrical performances that include parties, some shows, and lots of clubs and social parties. Universities guarantee students access to variety of recent sports facilities, and sometimes it requires some simple fees, so universities encourage their students to attend and participate in various seasons and sporting events. These events include a good range of various sports from which you’ll choose what suits you best, like football, cricket, baseball, basketball and lots of other sports.

Most universities provide free internet lines to make sure that their students communicate with the surface world in the least times, but if you select beforehand to measure outside the university housing you’ve got to supply it yourself. But in most cases, you’ll always find a connection during a number of public places like libraries and cafes. The list of things that enter the student’s life dictionary in France that you simply can do varies and varies counting on where you reside and which university you attend .

But make certain that there are enough things for all individuals and this is often what we talked about within the article is merely the start of the fun and what’s only narrated, so expect to get for yourself tons about public life in France after you progress to review there. Public life in France – student life in France – office Students have a good range of schedules regarding course attendance times, which are flexible and appropriate to what they need , that is, you’ll choose once you attend the precise course within a group of options, and this facilitates the matter for those that consider obtaining another job in conjunction with the study without affecting its educational program , also finds Flexibility Anyone wishing to participate within the various social activities held by the university.

You must empty a while in your daily schedule and take a chance to review what you observed at the university and this is often a really important thing as you study within the best universities within the world and maintaining these universities at the advanced levels may be a big challenge for them and this needs you to supply your best as long as you’re its students so It takes a while to memorize and review daily, as this is often the sole thanks to continue with these universities. There are some ways to form studying fun and this causes you to do what you would like and keep you faraway from routine work.

It is always preferable to figure with a colleague so as to stay your enthusiasm and stand back from boredom where you’ll study and study together, test one another and share ideas on the topic of study, so two minds are always better than one mind. Once you begin studying, you’ll end up amid variety of tests and exams that aren’t intended to scare or incapacitate you, but rather to make sure that you simply are educated and have an honest understanding of the knowledge which you’re able to move to subsequent stage or your willingness to figure in your profession so always be ready. it’s important to understand that when you begin studying, you’ll have a minimum of a weekly test in each subject and quite that sometimes.

It is vital that you simply enjoy the maximum amount French culture as possible while you’re there, it’s definitely a really wonderful thing and there’s tons to check and it might be unfortunate if you probably did not take an opportunity to enjoy it. Although it’s vital to require care of your study programs and prioritize them, but this doesn’t mean that you simply close yourself completely, but attempt to have a while for fun and exploration. It certainly is ultimately up to you to make a decision how you would like to measure your day and what was mentioned here was just a generalized check out what you would possibly find there.

ONLINE STUDY Self-Development

Obtaining academic degrees from studying online between falsehood and credibility!

Every year more than a million students with secondary certificates and higher education students enroll in various scientific courses.

Students, professional staff, full-time workers, dependents, or others usually resort to enrolling in various courses via the Internet for several reasons, some of which may be related to time constraints and the inability to enroll in specialized schools and universities to study the branch, while others are looking to join a course in an Arab or foreign country that they could not to get it. This is because online courses have the flexibility to choose the appropriate time and place for the learner; Really, for our generations, we can learn and get the most out of one click from our home without incurring any hardship.

Be careful! Bump industrial

Do you have the pleasure of obtaining academic degrees online? In fact, this topic is pleasing and pleasant, so who among us does not want to learn and gain experience while sitting in his place?! ..

But, have you thought about (Are the certificates we receive from institutions and universities highly credible? Are these certificates approved by employers? Or is it tampering with not being certified?)

Really, it is very important, and it takes a lot of research and knowledge to know what these courses and institutions are funding and the degree of accreditation of these degrees and certificates.

See employers in hiring people

The employer’s mission is to make smart decisions about the employee working to improve the company’s success; They simply want to see dedication and ingenuity in the job. Therefore, you must demonstrate that your decision to enroll in an online degree program was not to avoid hard work, but rather was a responsible decision that allows you to take care of your obligations without sacrificing your dreams.

Employers are divided into three types:

Perhaps we find that many employers are sticking to the approval of applicants with traditional degrees from universities, whether Arab or Western, from those who have accredited or non-accredited certificates online.

Some employers were unaware of what degrees and accredited certificates are online, and then automatically rejected an employee with certificates from his seemingly unaccredited viewpoint.

Some employers doubt the authenticity of certificates and degrees. Some may cheat the certificate through some programs and transfer it from non-certified certificates to accredited ones, so they resort to the applicant’s refusal without trying to verify the authenticity and credibility of the certificate.

And of course, for every rule of gay, despite the refusal of many employers to obtain certificates online, there are also many of them who see that the applicant is a persistent person and is looking towards achievement and self-fulfillment by obtaining various certificates and accredited courses online, and then accepts it immediately after making sure of its distinction by acquiring The knowledge and experiences mentioned in the certificates.

Trade courses online

Yes, I mean the concept that I understood from this phrase, there are many profitable institutions and schools that offer a number of courses and academic certificates as a “cause”, meaning their certification is not permanently approved in any institution that you want to work with, but only interested by making money at the expense of the student.

Of course, I did not mean that all courses are false, but there are many, many degrees and unaccredited certificates that may cost you a lot of money without success, so beware that you will fall into this trap!

How to ensure the credibility of the scientific body that offers accredited courses and certificates?

This is the most important question in our article. There are a number of factors must be guarded upon joining a for-profit or non-profit educational institution in order to obtain a scientific or professional degree, the most important of which are:

1- The reputation of the institution or the provider of the course or certificate:

With the increasing popularity and spread of online learning on a large scale, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that there is a specific college or university that meets the requirements through its curricula, faculty, and proficiency. Accreditation or credibility is what makes obtaining a valid and accredited degree or certificate; Consequently, any educational institution that is not properly accredited will not be credible or recognized as a school or a reputable entity.

Therefore research in various programs online is the most important factor to consider ensuring that a university degree is accepted by employers and that the degree is recognized internationally.

2- Graduation rate:

One of the most important factors should be taken into account when making the decision to join the provider for the course, as the percentage of students graduating from a specific school is an indication of a number of things, the most important of which is if the number of students graduating with high indicators increases annually, this gives an indication of the interest of the granting authority to simplify the content and good presentation and interaction with Students, but if the index falls, this indicates that the entity or institution does not provide adequate support in terms of teachers and staff.

3- Ensure that the presenter submits the course:

Colleges and universities are reviewed by external non-governmental sources to ensure that the institution meets certain educational standards. These organizations review school services and resources for students, faculty, degree programs, curricula, and many other elements that form a strong academic atmosphere. This is important when choosing an online study program because it ensures that the entity or institution is reviewed and that basic academic standards are met.

ONLINE STUDY Self-Development

Learn about Pimsleur’s method of learning foreign languages exclusively for listening

In order to learn foreign languages, many of us strive to choose the best methods that are appropriate for our personal capabilities, in a way that guarantees the selection of the best ones with effective results. On the other hand, language professionals and those interested in this field periodically develop innovative ways and methods that can help us learn. Through this topic we will present one of the most important ways that was devised for learning foreign languages, which is the Pimsleur method.

Pimsleur method … what?

Paul Pimsleur is an American language specialist, whose research revolves around children’s learning of the language in an informal way and is not codified by grammatical controls. Based on the results of his research, he developed a so-called Pimsleur method, which is a method of language learning entirely dependent on listening, by attending online lessons on the site for this method.

This method is verbal and very active, as it relies on the principles of “divergent repetition” and learning “new terms”. From the first lesson (usually 30 minutes) a foreign language dialogue is heard (mostly, the learner does not understand any of it), then it is done The dialogue is divided into words and each word is explained separately with the request of the learner to repeat its pronunciation, then the words are collected in the sentences of the dialogue and explained and then requested to pronounce and repeated by the learner. Finally, the professor asks the latter to take the place of one of the person

alibies of the dialogue and conduct it directly. In this way, the learner dives into the dialogue that he just learned, which often expresses a habitual attitude towards daily life.

Pimsleur method. is it a good way?

It is noticeable, then, that this method of learning is very similar to the way children learn the mother tongue, as they begin to pick up words intermittently and then they get used to them in a sentence – depending on their context – to finally start to repeat them and try to pronounce them correctly after a set of attempts.

However, in this regard, we talked earlier about learning foreign languages ​​as children, and why we should not rely on it. The method is not very active, and may take more time to reach beginners stages of learning than even advanced! Also, the development and acquisition of foreign languages ​​is not necessarily confined to the process of listening and strengthening the ability to speak, but there is a side of reading and written expression that is considered one of the most important pillars of language learning, especially if the purpose of learning it is closely related to the job market and everything that is practical.

On the other hand, participation in Pimsleur lessons is not free, and therefore, the student may hesitate to pay a sum of money (not a little) in order to learn a foreign language in a way that may appear to be “almost complete”. Especially if he is not proficient in the English language, as all learning lessons consider the learner to speak English, and the latter is adopted as a reference language for translation.

How do you benefit from the Pimsleur method?

It is clear that Pimsleur and other foreign language learning methods are limited to listening as Assimil and Michel Thomas are not sufficient to learn languages, despite their proven efficacy in the aspect of acoustic acquisition of languages. Thus, this method can be benefited by:

Adopting the Pimsleur method along with other methods of learning, whether reading or any classic method of acquiring written language, and thus the integration of the methods is guaranteed.

Adopting the principle of the Pimsleur method instead of the same method, if you are not ready to participate in the site and follow the lessons online, it can include how to learn the same to your learning methods without the need to participate. For example, if you personally select scenes from films or works of art in the language that you want to learn, and apply the principle of Pimsleur to it, by looking for the meaning of words, then the meaning of the sentences (meaning the meaning of words in their context and combining them), then reenacting the scene by reincarnating one of the characters. Of course, don’t forget to jot down words and phrases and refer to them later for your review.

This way you can benefit from Pimsleur indirectly, as a way to familiarize the language or acquire part of it and not to learn it as a whole.


Important advice before studying in Germany

Planning to study abroad needs a large amount of work, there are many questions that need to be resolved, and many different things that need to be considered, starting with registering at the university, then the health insurance and then the apartment, to deal with all of this it is good to have a detailed plan , And work on this step by step. It is the best way to make sure that nothing is forgotten and that time has come for it. Those who are looking to obtain certification from abroad should know that the road to the end is a long road, the first step is to think about the city and this is not easy.

Arrangements for concentrate in Germany You should begin around one year before takeoff, and you ought to think about the accompanying focuses: Information about circumstances in Germany This incorporates picking among colleges and specialized schools, picking among private and state funded colleges and different trade projects or colleges corresponding to the parent college. What qualifications should you hold? Is it sufficient to have a final qualification in the parent universities in order to be able to study in Germany, and is this final qualification acceptable in Germany, what are the other requirements? Average, language requirements, and some tests. What are the costs and how can I control the expenses abroad? Opportunities, grants, family assistance, personal saving, if the answers to these basic questions are present and the plan is prepared and thus you can start.

It is important that all participants be sure of this, and everyone should be aware of the meaning of studying abroad, and must ask themselves am I ready for this, family and friends should seem to agree to help him in planning and funding. Half a year before departure, there are many points to consider: Specialization decision and university selection You have to find one suitable program for you from the different majors available because the programs differ from one university to another and the decision for this stage is very important. Variation occurs in content, research and practical offers are also available with university offers, and also you can find international study programs.

Correspondence to the university Every German university has an external office, i.e. an international student when he has questions he can talk to. It is important to ask what number of seats are available, what kind of benefits and grants are available, and if they have student housing for international students, and after you make your decision at the prescribed university, the real application begins.

Favored claim to fame structure Each college has its own structure and cutoff times that must be mulled over, the majors of medication, drug store, veterinary medication and dentistry have a focal division for the structure and the complete prerequisites everything being equal, and it is additionally significant for the remainder of the orders to have data on the absolute score required, and improve its chance with preparing workshops . The normal score for which the understudy has acknowledged is the equivalent for all colleges, with different laws in some examination programs.

After sending the study application to universities, there is also time to wait, wait for the place and wait for cards to study abroad. What’s more, when school affirmation shows up, bliss and euphoria in acknowledgment will be incredible, and here energy and expectation start, yet there are assignments that we should not overlook. Convenience structure Housing in an area near the college is truly required and filling in the structure early is important so as to locate a reasonable spot.

In residential areas, a person can get a cheap house because the apartments are shared with other people. Visa application There are specific laws, and it is necessary to obtain the appropriate information in the necessary time. In order to obtain a visa, there are specific documents that must be present, such as university admission and health insurance. Obtaining the health insurance In Germany there is a law that says that every person must have a health insurance, and through planning for time you must check the health insurance and its characteristics and that it is necessary to end the matters of health insurance in Germany. Departure time is coming soon, the last steps of planning are over, one or two weeks before departure so there are some things that should be ready.

Check the documents Do I have the documents required to enter and stay, visa, university admission, student card, temporary admission to university housing. Determine the place of residence These people who could not obtain university housing must prepare a place for their stay on the first night, some student organizations provide places for such cases, and in big cities there are some cheap places where a person can stay until he moves to his place of residence, a history check Available apartments The person must do his job early by email, then you can also see how to get out of the hotel to the apartment.

In cities where there are few apartments available, it is a good idea to do more than one Hajj to ensure your opportunity to get an apartment increases. Holidays and public holidays in Germany Find out about the most important occasions and holidays (local and national) in Germany: January 1: New Year. January 6: Epiphany. This holiday is celebrated in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Saxony. March 25: Good Friday or Friday of Passion. March 28: Easter. April 1: Labor Day. April 5: Ascension Day. April 16: Pentecost. April 26: The Body of Christ (Corpus Christi).

This holiday is celebrated in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and some passages in both Saxony and Thuringia. August 8: Peace Celebration – Bavaria. August 15: the day of Saint Maria ascending to heaven. October 3: German Federation Day.

ONLINE STUDY Self-Development

Top 10 Scientific References for Biology Students and Lovers

Science is constantly evolving, and it keeps dazzling us with more and more every moment. And in light of the existence of this horrific scientific development, information is always subject to dispersion without the scientific references that list the information after information in a scientific and prose context, sound and smooth. So today we’ll be talking about a collection of websites and folders that are an important reference for biology. It is characterized by renewal on one hand, and scientific accuracy on the other hand.

Printed references

1) Human Biology

If we talk about the printed references on paper, this reference is undoubtedly the best and deserves to be placed at the front of today’s article. The reference is easy to read for the specialist and non-specialist, as it is supported by dozens and dozens of detailed and accurate pictures that explain everything. In the company of these pictures there are texts that support them, and everything is supported by solid research sources and papers. The reference is used as a biological book for students around the world.

2) Biology

This reference actually helps students to enter deeply into the world of biology, yet it guarantees simplicity and smoothness in providing information. The reference is distinguished by the renewal time every year, with more and more details, the custodians of it know what the student needs, and how it can be presented to him in a way that benefit him on the scientific and personal level together. The book is written and narrated by Peter Raven and George Johnson.

3) Campbell Biology

Simply put, Campbell’s name means quality and sobriety. This reference is a collaboration between 6 veteran specialists and university professors in the field of biology, and this collaboration is very fruitful. It yielded in the form of a book that really talks about biology from a practical perspective, and offers the student dozens of final and sub questions after completing or even while reading the specific topic.

4) Essential Cell Biology

The reference appears from its title, right? Simply put, the book talks about the basics of biology from the very beginning of the formation of science itself to what science recently reached. And of course the reference is updated every time period specified by the most recent scientific facts discovered. The book is characterized by extreme simplicity to the degree that a prep student understands biology in a specialized way more than someone who studies the same subject at university but in a more complex book. Therefore, simplicity in the narration is the secret of this reference.

5) The Core

The idea of ​​the reference appears strongly in its title: The Center. The book talks about the most important and most prominent principles in biology, which no student, whether novice or specialist, can pass. The reference deals with biology from the perspective of simplification, and this simplification lists with tapered words towards the target without any additional details or information that make the subject complicated in any degree. The reference has an internal organization that allows it to be a teacher’s book through which he can teach some basic topics in biological science very smoothly.

Electronic references


It is one of the largest, most comprehensive and general electronic sites and references that talk about biology and all its applications, principles, messages and everything. The site contains an impressive library of scientific papers and research that made great scientific leaps in the world of biology. The literal translation of the site’s name is: National Center for Biotechnology Information.

2) Cell Press

The very, very special aspect of this electronic reference is that it is spoken hour by hour on the one hand, and the information is presented in an impeccably scientific way. It is a scientific journal in which research is published and then presented to readers, and most of the research published on Cell is research that really deserves to be highlighted, and is considered as seeds for the great scientific achievements to come.

3) Nature Here we are sitting in front of the site that has saved the lives of thousands of biology students on the surface of this planet for many years, and years to come. This online reference is easy to list and accurate information. It combines being a scientific journal on the one hand, and a scientific blogging site on the other. The topics in which the heads of sensitive pens are discussed in the scientific field in a way of scientific notation that any non-specialist can easily understand. Every word in it is backed by sources and evidence without forgery or forgery.


From India to the World, Far From Khan Academy: 3 Digital Sites for Attractive and Fun Education!

Once India’s biography comes to the fore of education, it comes by way of Khan Academy – Khan Academy, which Salman Khan founded in 2006, to show us the concept of Digital Education or Digital Education. Bridging the gap between the achievement of underprivileged students and their peers from all different strata of society, who enjoy better social and financial conditions, the inability to access learning opportunities, is a complex and multidimensional problem, and the most important issue in the field of education. In fact, India has great efforts in integrating education with ICT technologies, and its achievement of changing the form and methodology of receiving knowledge in all parts of the world, by shifting from formal school indoctrination to digital transformation and distance educational interaction, regardless of the type of education available to the student or curriculum That follows.

Beyond Khan Academy, here are three educational initiatives from India, no less important, and believe in making a difference in education through a personalized learning adaptive to student skills, ensuring that they learn with understanding and away from indoctrination and memorization: EkStep EkStep is an Indian education initiative EkStep Interactive came as a charitable effort from India, under the auspices of an institution of the same name; To build an open educational platform for a range of learning resources in reading, writing, numeracy and more. To help tackle a number of challenges, by creating, publishing and sharing easy access to thousands of interactive education content for non-linear, agile and scalable solutions. The initiative was founded by Nandan Nilekani, author of “Imagining India” and co-author of another book, “Rebooting India: Realizing a Billion Aspirations,” and Foreign Policy magazine ranked him as one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers in 2010.

The platform is nothing but an interactive community, made up of a group of people who are passionate about education issues (students, parents, teachers, developers, writers, artists, painters, and many others) who contribute to reshaping access to education. This content ranges from educational materials, explanatory videos, interactive content, stories, training worksheets, assessments, photos, audios, and other assets, created and shared by community members. According to the World Bank, EkStep has created an open digital infrastructure that provides learning opportunities for 200 million childrens, as well as professional development opportunities for 12 million teachers and 4.5 million school principals. Story Weaver The platform is supported by Pratham Books publisher, which provides easy-to-use tools for creating, reading, translating, downloading, printing and sharing new children’s stories, adaptation and translation, as it acts as a digital portal for children’s delightful visual stories, licensed with an open Creative Commons license; To provide children with reading resources.

It allows teachers and writers to link readers, authors, painters and translators; To create and weave free stories for children all over the world in their mother tongue, with the aim of developing their reading skills and enjoying stories from all over the world in their dialect, using the attractive and impressive graphic design. This is whether users are online or not, by providing a service that allows them to build their own story office without being connected to the Internet, using progressive network technologies so that the site can be used without an Internet connection. Mind spark It is an educational innovation that aims to help children improve their math skills Online self-learning platform, coming from India; To help teachers and students study effectively and improve their math skills through questions, practice, games and reports, and it allows each student to follow a learning pathway that is accredited and tailored to their needs.

The Mind spark platform adapts to each student’s level of learning, gradually introducing students to a specific concept, and if it responds correctly, the following question is marginally difficult compared to the previous question, enabling the student to learn the concept in a comprehensive, subjective and gradual manner. However, if the student’s answer is incorrect, Mind spark provides a step-by-step explanation, then begins to ask questions again gradually, which encourages students to think and respond in every step.


Best online learning sites 2020

The best online learning sites 2020, invest your time and do from time to time update your laws, develop yourself and develop your capabilities so that you become distinguished among all, there is no human in this life succeeded by chance, and from here we will offer you the most famous e-learning sites in 2020.

Online learning features

I seek knowledge from cradle to grave, we all have the same time, but we differ in its investment from one person to another, and from here we will explain to you the importance of investing time and learn what is new by following intensive courses online:

You can choose the major or field suitable to you and go deeper into.

You can also choose the right  method for you and that is easy to learn, as multiple methods are an advantage for you here.

One of the important advantages of Online Learning is that it is available for you to choose the appropriate time to learn.

You can get certified certificates so you can add them to your CV.

Following many courses and obtaining accredited certificates will provide you with several distinct opportunities and jobs with excellent financial return.

The costs are much lower as many websites offer free premium courses that can change your life for the better.

This enables you to depend on yourself and achieve what you seek.

This helps you invest your time and self correctly because the best investment is your self and your investment.

You can listen to electronic courses on transportation.

Online learning improves your social relationships and helps you to know many people in the same field, which allows you to share experiences with them.

You can access a lot of information and books, which enables you to be professional in this field.

Online learning is better than school or college learning because it helps you remember information faster.

You can also migrate abroad after taking some courses and self-development in one of the required specializations such as programming.

You can start to learn and work at the same period.

Your self-confidence will increase day by day.

Best online learning sites 2020

There are many sites and platforms that we recommend you if you want to learn online, the famous of which are the following:


One of the most powerful and best online learning sites, as it offers many free courses in English in various fields from international universities such as: Oxford and Harvard.


The most popular online learning sites where it includes at least 15,000 courses, some are free and some are paid in various fields including: photography, marketing, management, design, entrepreneurship and much more. Participating in the platform is monthly and at first you will get a free month of registration.


Odacity has partnered with several international companies, including: Google, Facebook and others, and we find that the site is distinguished by providing many distinguished courses in several different fields, most notably: Data Analysis, Mobile and Web Developping.


It is one of the best sites that publish interesting scientific and historical facts from reliable sources and accredited and specialized destinations, so it is an ideal choice for fans of science fiction and historical information.


The Best Potentials prominent online learning sites, and it is distinguished by that it includes many courses from international universities in Arabic and English, and offers at least 800 free courses in various fields.

Open Hpi

It is one of the largest online learning platforms in information technology and computer science, and it features high-quality lessons in English and all of that you can get for free.


The most popular site for learning in Arabic, as the number of learners on the Idrak platform is at least 2 and a half million, you will be able to develop many technical and professional skills by following up on the Idrak website.

Digital photography school

The best site to improve your photography skills, and one of the top popular courses that we offer and recommend: Night Photography, 31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer.

Khan Academy

The platform offers many sources of academic learning free of charge and it also provides you with theoretical resources that you can obtain easily without any material cost.

Investopedia Academy

Among the most prominent sites in the field of investment and marketing in addition to personal funds, so we recommend that you follow these courses so that you can control your financial future.

The best Arabic online platform for learning and self-development, where provides you with several different fields such as design, technology and management, which helps you in developing your skills.

No Academy

Now you can book private lessons with your friends and colleagues in chemistry, mathematics, physics and English through your mobile device and your computer with ease through the NON Academy website.

Enrichment educational academy

The site offers many lessons in the field design of so we advise you to choose the platform to learn design and professionalism for free.

S Academy

If you want to learn any field for free, we advise you to choose Qaf Academy, which offers a set of scientific subjects in various fields, including: digital media, design, production, preparation and production.

Alison site

Which of the best free online learning site in various fields, including: medicine, design, drawing, business administration, languages, and marketing, and we find that you can obtain a certificate upon completing the course.

Saylor Academy The site includes at least 100 free courses, which prompted millions to use the platform to learn and obtain certificates.


After Corona and quarantine, resources to help teachers switch to e-learning!

We know that you, teachers, are not used to e-learning. Still, because the quarantine conditions imposed on us the closure of schools, the safest and most appropriate alternative was online education, So it was essential for us to secure many free sites to facilitate this experience on you. Here is a list that is updated first, The most critical e-learning sites.

Sites to practice writing and creating exercises:

Some students are not used to using the keyboard, they need the training to use it, and these are some e-learning sites that will help them get used to and will help teachers write exercises for students to train in.

English writing sites:


(Type Dojo (my review here

Touch Typing for Kids



Education sites to broadcast lectures directly

Class Dojo

A site that links school students and their parents with teachers and school administration.


Another site for making videos and lectures that helps you to communicate with your students.


This site helps you create videos, create exercises, and monitor your students’ progress and their understanding of the information.


Join students and teachers using the flipgrid site from about 180 countries around the world, help them learn from kindergarten to doctorate!


Another website that helps you create interactive videos and exercises and teach your students in a fun way.


The most favorite site for children to learn is full of pre-made educational games, and you can also set up your owns games.


Screen capture and audio recording site for Windows and Mac.

Pear Deck

Free website for creating presentations and sharing them in electronic classes on the Internet


An add-on to Google Chrome is part of the Google Classroom website that helps you record video on your computer screen and operate the camera for your photography.

Reading sources

Book Creator

The digital bookmaker site gives a free 90-day period for schools damaged by Corona and has apps on Android and IOS.

Crash Course

A YouTube channel and site contains educational videos on various topics such as anatomy, history, and even literature.

Common Lit Reading Program

This site contains 2000 educational articles and presentations for students from 3 years to 12 years old to help them build reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.


An e-book site divided into categories according to the ages of children up to 12 years old that can be used as a teacher or parent.


A site for audio instructional lessons based on stories and questions about them, which is also free for schools that are closed because of Corona.

Sites to learn to write in English

The Quill

This site includes training in writing in English and grammar for all educational levels.

Vocabulary Games from PBSKids A site that teaches words to children using flash games and stories.

Merriam Webster Word Games provides you with a word and asks questions about it to know how well you understand this word.


Realization platform

Among the respected Arab platforms that provide educational curricula for school grades from kindergarten through high school.


A platform for teaching many subjects such as mathematics, science, and technology.

Delta Math

It contains mathematics for middle and high school.

Eureka Math / Great Minds

This site includes mathematics curricula for pre-kindergarten through secondary education.

Khan Academy

The popular Khan Academy website contains many videos with all materials with short tests to make sure your students are accommodated.


Understand the site

An Arabic site was rich in educational videos divided according to the curriculum of each country and according to the classes.

Mystery Science

Short science lessons for students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

National Geographic

The group offers many educational programs suitable for kindergarten and primary levels in geography, earth sciences, biology, and others.

Crash Course Kids

A successful series of courses are not only for adults, as there is a series of science and engineering videos for students in primary school starting from the fifth grade.

Other sciences:


A site to teach children about different geography and cultures.


This site contains educational videos, pictures, and digital lessons in economics, geography, and history, which are suitable for students from kindergarten to secondary education.